Young woman's dress circa 1822

Young woman’s dress circa 1822 made out of silk with silk satin and net trim.  Claire was 12 when this dress was made and may have worn an version of it in her youth.

Woman's dress circa 1825

Woman’s dress circa 1825.  Silk net with silk embroidery and silk satin trim.

Woman’s dress from between 1820 and 1829

Woman’s dress from between 1820 and 1829

Pair of woman's slippers from 1820

Pair of woman’s slippers from 1820.  They measure 8.5 inches and are made of cotton twill, leather, kid leather, and linen.

Men’s top hat, stock and tailcoat

Men’s top hat, stock and tailcoat.  The top hat was manufactured in Paris around 1815.  It is made of beaver fur. The tailcoat is believed to be from England and was made between 1825-1830.   It is made of wool with a silk cut velvet collar on a twill foundation.  The stock (the decorative neck piece) was made in Boston around 1830.  It is silk satin.